A little about me and my websites ...

Self Portrait, G.E. Grey

Self PortraitG.E. Grey

Some passing thoughts about me and my web sites ....

First, why two sites? The best answer is that this site is about me, my art, how I feel about it, what my background is, why I make art. This is a good place for me to introduce new work, recent awards, upcoming shows and the like, as well as to provide links to catalogs of my work. I hope you will check back often.

The second site, Vertu Fine Art Gallery, is the web presence for my brick and mortar Vertu Fine Art Gallery where several other fine artists also display their work. I hope you visit both the virtual space as well as the brick-and-mortar space, as they are both inhabited by some truly fine artists, and both allow you to experience what I feel represents "Excellence in Southwestern Fine Art ™". The website at Vertu Fine Art Gallery also supports online shopping for my work (as well as for some of the other artists), so you'll notice that the 'Buy Now' links on this site take you to a Vertu Fine Art Gallery page.

Oh, and your question about the weather link on this site — I am an inveterate weather watcher and have a Davis weather station atop my house that I, and many friends, check frequently.

G.E. Grey CV ...

Georgette Evans Grey has been active in the local art scene wherever she has lived, from San Clemente, California to Salisbury, Massachusetts to Socorro, New Mexico. She has honed her ability with transparent watercolor by continual practice of the art of painting and by participating in workshops with locally and nationally known artists. Her love of nature and her skill with watercolor combine to create works enhanced by observation and knowledge. Despite the seeming realism, her work reflects an inner emotional view that the artist refers to as interpretive realism, a style that offers more than the mirror of a photograph or the technical mastery of a draftsman.

Although her work might be called nature-centric, her interests reach beyond that to include her local environment wherever she has traveled and lived. In an article published June 1997 The Kenly News (Kenly, NC) says her North Carolina barn and rural paintings capture "what historians will come to view as an important part of the state's cultural heritage”. A broad cross-section of her work can be found here.


New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico 1980-1982
Montserrat School of Visual Art, Beverly, Massachusetts 1971-1974
Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, North Carolina 1968-1971


Vertu Fine Art Gallery, Socorro, NM


American Plains Artists
American Women Artists
California Watercolor Association
Fine Art Studio Online
New Mexico Art League
Society of Animal Artists
Watercolor West
Women Artists Of the West

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